Use these 9 simple tricks to make your food flavorsome

01/10 Simple tricks to make your food delicious

Cooking is an art and it is important to learn the tips and tricks in order to master the art of flavours. If you are a beginner, this piece of information will surely help you in learning the nuances of the art that requires immense patience and the right quantity of ingredients. According to experts, this art requires practice and the below-mentioned tips for prepping, cooking, and seasoning will help you understand the art in an easy way. So, are you ready?

02/10 Never deseed the tomatoes

If you are not aware, seeds and the jelly parts are the most flavoursome parts of a tomato. If you had been avoiding them till date, start using them next time onwards to enhance the flavour of your dish.

03/10 Never chop garlic and onion in advance

If you think that chopping onion and garlic makes your cooking job easier, let us tell you that it actually spoils all the flavours. Yes, you heard it right. Chopping garlic and onion in advance release all strong flavours. It is advisable to cut them at the last minute to retain all the flavours.

04/10 Roast veggies on high heat

While roasting veggies, as a topping for the dish, make sure that you keep the heat high, as it converges flavours and brings them out in the best way. It adds a distinctive taste to the dish.

05/10 Cook in order

Every dish has a written recipe and it is always advisable to follow the same, in order to get the right aroma and flavour. If the order says to add the oil first, then onion, garlic and dry spices, follow the rule and smell the difference.

06/10 Allow the pan to be hot

Cooking requires patience and the first step in this direction is to allow the pan to be hot. The moment you add food, the temperature of cooking surface drops, so don’t rush. Allow the pan to be hot enough, so that the desired flavours can be achieved.

07/10 Fry the spices

This trick will simply add magic to your dish. Before adding the raw spices or herbs to the dish, fry them for a minute or two in a little butter or oil. This step will intensify the flavour and make your dish yummilicious.

08/10 Keep fats fresh

All the herbs, oils and fatty foods taste best when they are fresh. According to experts, it is advisable to minimise their exposure to oxygen and natural light to keep the flavours intact.

09/10 Allow the food to cool down

Hot food is tempting, but you also need to understand that our receptors are temperature sensitive, and hence food should be warm and not hot while serving.

10/10 The magic of brown and gold

When it comes to baking, these two colours play a key role. According to baking experts, browning equals flavour, while gold defines that the dish is perfectly cooked. So, next time when you bake, never take loaves of bread, pies, or even cakes out of the oven until the exterior turns deep golden brown.

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